Manipulate your environment and craft an unforgettable, first impression!


Did you ever ask yourself what is the biggest Gamechanger when you meet somebody for the first time? A well-groomed appearance for example and a simple smile are important points but there is a more important component that overshadows anything else: your face! Not least because in a conversation the focus is mostly on the face, but because people tend to build prejudices about you according to your face patterns, which will make in 90% of all cases the X-factor, which forms the first impression. People tend to construct (often involuntary) an emotional status which should describe you. This status looks like following:

- "he/she doesn´t look very confident"

- "Looks like he/she has a very though life"

- "but he/she has a pretty strict face"


There are many other examples but fact is that your face reflects your wanted and unwanted emotions. You need to understand these "reflected emotions" and to transform them so that they push you carry out this first impression which you need to progress in life.


That is why we have developed the emotional ID. An "emotional identification" which tells you how you are perceived by your environment and how you turn this perception to your favor. Excited??? Then continue reading...

How exactly does the emotional ID work?


Emotional ID is an analysis that links specific facial features based on patterns to a specific behavior that is cognitively perceived by our environment. The emotional ID is therefore a reliable tool for understanding and controlling the emotions behind our facial patterns. Look on the following page how your emotional ID could look like.

What do you get with the emotional ID after all?

1. The confidence you need when meeting new people by knowing from the beginning what people think about you, in the first moment and how to manipulate the first perception to its best outcome. "How to make a good impression" or "how people see me" will never ever be an issue again.


2. Problems like uncertainty and worries are left in the past, when it comes to new encounters.


3. With every new encounter your write the success stories you need in life and collect great memories, which comes with it.


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