How does an emotional ID look like and what do you need for it:


1. You send us in the order procedure, a picture of yourself which shows just your face (no matter if it is a passport foto, Social-Media Profil picture or similar)


2. You receive within 24 hours a chargeable analysis with includes two parts:


- A breakdown of your facial areas and which emotions / characteristics people perceive from them. Important for the understanding of your perceived appearance.


- You can choose one of 3 preference on which you want to have a focus in the analysis.:

1. An overall overview,

2. related to career goals or

3. related to relationship matters.

According to your preference, you will receive recommendations how to pull out the best of the next challenge you will have to impress somebody.


Why you should not create your own emotional ID:


- You will give your best to make a good impression in the next, important meeting of your life, taking into account that people will still prioritize the emotions they read from you face over the things you have communicated.

- You think that one affordable lifetime analysis will not make the difference.

- You are not ready to discover the perspective by which people perceive you.

- You are not entitled to make decisions by yourself which improve your life.


It is always about your next decision and investment in yourself which will bring you forward. Don´t wait and seize the chance!